Holding on to your hope and optimism in the midst of short term setbacks

The decision to move to the other side of the world wasn’t a difficult one for me and my husband. He felt that he had achieved what he would have liked to achieve in his career in India and was ready to take a new big step. As for me, my interest in emerging technology for the future of cities drew me to the global tech centers. It was a fine decision also well supported by our families and so we packed up our lives to…

April 20 — April 26, 2020

<04/20 In class discussion>

The card sorting exercise for information architecture gave us a good productive start to this week. When we discussed it with Peter and Aadya in class, it helped us explain our vision with more clarity and brought up an important point about contextualizing our intervention as an app or a part of the settings. So far, we had proposed it under the privacy tab in Apple settings emphasizing that this should be an integral part of the iOS.

Work in progress in remote collaboration

Team Synergy: Silvana Juri, Eustina Daniluk, Isha Hans, Catherine Yochum

I. Obesity from the Multi-Level Perspective Model

In order to understand how obesity has come to affect 35.6% percent of adults in the Pittsburgh region, our team was tasked to frame the wicked problem of obesity within the perspective of socio-technical systems. Socio-technical system theory explores the ways in which social groups, institutions, and developments in technology shape and uphold society’s complex infrastructures.

We used the Multi-Level Perspective analytical model to trace the historical development and evolution of the socio-technical systems that influence obesity. The Multi-Level Perspective model (MLP) proposes to identify developments at three parallel scales:

February 16 — February 22, 2020

<02/17 Presentation of Exploratory Research>

There were two major points of feedback on our presentation:

  1. This is a very important question and there is a “tsunami of literature on this topic” from Shabana Zuboff, to the Private Eye, to Jaron Lanier to a bunch of others who advocate erasing individual digital footprint. “You are going to try to swim in the flood of this discourse”. The problem with all of these is that none of them are prescriptive of a rational approach to dealing with this issue.

March 22 — March 29, 2020

<03/22 Working for the presentation>

Since this was the first presentation after going virtual in the aftermath of COVID-19, we struggled to come together as a team, with all our different schedules still falling in place. We often ended up working in pairs or groups of 3 at a time to accommodate each others schedules, which made our presentation not be at par with our past performances.

<03/23 Presentation of Generative Research>

We received the following feedback on our presentation:

  • Data commodification: What kind of system is in place right now for data collection. Think about how data has come to have an intrinsic…

Can trust in AI and algorithms be redeemed?

In ‘The Human Body is a Black Box’, the authors highlight a unique way to address the fairness, transparency and accountability aspect of developing a machine learning model for healthcare. Using Sepsis watch as a case study, they bring out three important aspects of this process:

  1. The starting point & framing the problem: Framing the right problem is imperative to identify the opportunity for improvement rather than the novelty of a technological solution (Sendak et al, 2020). …

January 23, 2020 (5pm-8pm)

We started by doing a quick check in since this is the first time we are meeting in this semester, followed by setting the agenda for what we want to achieve by the end of the day. We listed four things:

  1. Personal Commitment and expectation
  2. Defining the feedback loop
  3. Class format (divide and conquer, or collectively?)
  4. Set the time to meet with Peter (email him)

Personal Commitments: We spoke about how important this study is for us this semester. We all felt that this was not above had different ideas

Defining feedback loop: With no clear…



🔍 Individual research on the healthcare practices in different parts of the world, attempt at finding the best and the worst examples


🗂Sharing findings to build on the idea

Healthcare in different countries:

The week before, we had concluded on looking at healthcare as the larger territory to explore for this project. Deepika had shared a compelling idea she had for a responsible and transparent health insurance and we were all thrilled with it. So, as decided, today we started with talking about our findings about the healthcare systems in different countries around the world. …

Reflection on Design Studio, Spring 2020

These are my reflections on Design Studio II at Carnegie Mellon School of Design. This course is part of the Master of Design, Design for Interactions. The detailed documentation of the team progress on the project can be found here

Week 1: Introduction and Initial thoughts

January 13–18, 2020

January 13, 2020 was our first class for the subject and we were given the brief for our 15 week project along with an outline of the syllabus. The project is a part of the Index Project. Based on the 17 sustainable development goals laid…

Design and process documentation

Design Prompt:

The goal of this exercise is for us to get a better understanding of your end to end design thought process and execution, starting from initial ideations/sketches/research all the way through to a polished end product. Please include your research, user flows and wireframes, as well. It is also meant to be interpreted however you see fit and we recommend that you present your work in a clear, concise and visually appealing way.

Introduction: LinkedIn is frequently used for job hunting. Companies pay to post a job and market their opportunities to qualified candidates…

Isha Hans

Research-driven Designer, Thinker and Strategist with Entrepreneurship skills — https://www.ishahans.site/

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